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This material is taken from an index compiled by Mrs Murle Seitz in 1971, the Wisconsin State Old Cemetery Society, Burial Sites Preservation Program, and members of the Walworth County Genealogical Society, Inc. These records are not necessarily complete or completely accurate. We hope that you will use it as a guide. Some cemeteries may be listed twice and some may not be in Walworth county but are very close and would have Walworth residents buried there.
Cemeteries listed as for sale are those currently published by the Walworth County Genealogical Society, Inc. See our publication page for ordering information. If you know of additional burial grounds or corrections to the below tables, please let us know.
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Cemetery Name Location Cemetery Active GPS Location


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Bloomfield Township

South of Pell Lake on Cty H Sec 22 yes

42.525760 -88.357

Hillside/Genoa City

Carter St. Cty B/U yes

42.507200 -88.324317

Old Bloomfield/Episcopal Cemetery

Jct of B & White Pigeon  Sec 29 no

42.51722 -88.401875

Haf's Farm Plots

Haf's Road Sec 11 no 42.562406 -88.340721

Moresi/Wonderland Plots

Bloomfield Rd. Sec 4 no 42.57479 -88.364475

Jacob's burial

Cty H Sec 7 no 42.557 -88.410
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E side of Cty C Sec 18 yes 42.633 -88.773


E side of Hwy 14 Sec 27 yes

42.604968 -88.717968

Allen's Grove-Mt Phillip

Allen's Grove W side of village Sec 31 yes 42.580396 -88.785995

Blooming Prairie

Hwy 89 Sec 15 no 42.632122 -88.708176

Old St. Andrews Cemetery

Lawson School RD So of Hy 11W Sec 14 no 42.632396 -88.678358

Hollister Cemetery

Hy 89 1/4 mi N of Jct 89/11/14  Sec 4 no 42.660 -88.736

Old Settlers

N 3rd and McDowell no 42.635 -88.645

Spring Grove

N 7th St yes 42.637183 -88.639128

St Andrews

N 7th St yes

42.637183 -88.639128

Roselawn Memorial Gardens

Hy 50 & 67 yes 42.602718 -88.540975

East Delavan Union

Theatre Rd. and Bailey Rd Sec 21 yes 42.597858 -88.561816


N 7th St yes 42.637183 -88.639128


Terrace Street & Lake Comus yes 42.637801 -88.649905

John Phoenix Burials to other cemteries


Oak Ridge

E edge of Village Hy20 N side of rd Sec 20 yes 42.79222 -88.39046

St Peters Catholic

St Peters Rd West of Cty. ES yes 42.800 -88.387

Troy Lakes

E of Jct Stringer Bridge Rd. J Sec 6 yes 42.830487 -88.412476

School Road

SE corner of School Rd bet Hy 20; 24 Sec 14 no  


Sec 11 no  

Hazel Ridge

West end of Jefferson st yes 42.675337 -88.552830

Mt Olivet

W end of Court St yes 42.673402 -88.559306


was at fairgrounds burials moved no  

Lake Geneva Pioneer

Maxwell, Dodge & Warren Street, Lake Geneva no 42.59644 -88.441297

Dunbar-Reimer Road

Reimer Rd East of HY 67 Sec 7 no 42.640942 -88.530332

Oak Hill

Cemetery Road East of Cty H Sec 25 yes 42.607131 -88.439783

North Geneva

MacLean Rd E of Cty. NN Sec 10 yes 42.647837 -88.465015

Walworth Co Farm burials

Access road on East side of Medical Center on Cty NN no 42.655346 -88.492016


Hy 50 & Harris Road no 42.587679 -88.530458

Hartwell / Seymour Farm

Cobb Road north of Potter Road yes 42.719761 -88.528658


Hodges Rd N of ESSec 6 no

46.746400 -88.53310

White Oak (La Fayette church)

County ES & Co D Sec 10 yes 42.739833 -88.471125

Heart Prairie

Co O and Territorial Rd Sec 31 yes 42.763177 -88.642287

Round Prairie

Jct 12 and Tamarack Rd Sec 23 yes 42.798802 -88.577759

Skoponong, Norwegian

Jefferson County Line Road yes 42.843621 -88.615657


Hillside road over stateline in IL yes 42.485822 -88.463703

Jacobs Family Cemetery

on Hwy 120 just south of Hwy H no  

Unknown name

Sec 13    


N of Lyons Village Sec 3 yes

42.657472 -88.358096

St Francis De Sales

Hwy 50 Sec 33 yes

42.596530 -88.376217

St Killians Catholic

W of So Lyons Rd Sec 34 yes 42.589030 -88.359301

St Josephs Catholic

S of village on Buckby RdSec 15 yes 42.637404 -88.367313


N of Springfield at Hospital Rd. and G Sec 6 yes 42.654734 -88.412838

Wija Farm

Sec 36 no  

unknown name Strang??

Sec 6 no  


Hy 89 N of A Sec 17 yes 42.718938 -88.749281

East Richmond/Lyman, 
Norwegian Methodist

E of Co P, N of jct w/ Territorial Sec 1 yes 42.75662 -88.70216

Utter's Corners

Rock Co. Line Lima Center yes 42.754910 -88.784195

Allen's Grove/Mt Phillips

Border of Darien township and Rock Co Sec 31 yes 42.580325 -88.785946

Burr Oak

Sharon burials, across stateline in IL yes? 42.465825 -88.720026

North Sharon

5 mi N of town on Cty C and Lake Shore Rd Sec 9 yes 42.551195 -88.727056


on Cemetery Road one mile north of Sharon and block west in Sec 21 yes 42.521965 -88.731551

Old cemetery in village

removed to Oakwood no  

St Catherines

2 mi W Cty P (Rock Co) yes 42.535248 -88.786526

South Grove

Salt Box Rd S of Co B Sec 20 no 42.533311 -88.747156

Billing's Burial Ground

Sec 23 no  

German Settlement

Cty D west of Church Rd. Sec 10 yes 42.741773 -88.362125

Hickory Grove

Townline N of 11 Sec 30 yes 42.697072 -88.424336

Honey Creek

Cty D east of Honey Creek Rd in Racine County no 42.748267 -88.305630


Hwy DD south of Potter Rd no 42.704744 -88.326092

unknown name

Sec 10    

Frank Williams farm

Sec 24 no  

Mrs Lord's farm

Sec 23 no  

Sugar Creek Lutheran

Cobblestone Rd and Sugar Creek Rd Sec 21 yes 42.698341 -88.609857


Co O N of A Sec 19 yes 42.738156 -88.621500

Mt Pleasant - Tibbits

Jct A and H Sec 10 yes 42.734761 -88.583069


Jct A and H Sec 18 yes 42.801351 -88.533166

Little Prairie

Palmyra Rd north of Bluff Rd Sec 6 yes 42.836537 -88.537504

Quarterline Evergreen

Hwy 20 west of Marsh Rd Sec 21 yes 42.792795 -88.468775

North Chapman Hills

Troy Center Sec 14 no  

Cox children

Hwy ES E of Bowers Rd and N Sec 22 no 42.778671 -88.444053


Sec 25 no  

Baker Farm and School

Scout Rd Sec 18 no 42.836573 -88.498427

Brick Church

Brick School Rd E of Brick church Rd Sec 18 yes 42.545797 -88.639053

Cobblestone/ Locust Grove

Cobblestone Rd & Sugar Creek Rd Sec 25 yes 42.523855 -88.559300

Walworth Center

E of village on Cty B Sec 25 yes 42.530931 -88.587935

Big Foot

On Hwy 14 just into IL yes

42.491488 -88.599278


St Patrick's Calvary Catholic

N of Prairie St to Lauderdale Dr yes 42.842744 -88.740875


E of Tripp Rd Sec 9 yes 42.827194 -88.727828

Norwegian Evangelical
Lutheran Heart Prairie Church

Chapel Hills Whitewater Townline Rd  Sec 34 yes 42.756641 -88.702510

Oak Grove

Hy 59 W of School Fonda St Sec 2 yes 42.834531 -88.722713

Werner Christian Farm


**Another publication titled "Unknown Burials" is available for the Whitewater area.**

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